Xanthe Harrison December 14 2011

Xanthe Harrison is a graphic designer and image maker, studying and working primarily in Auckland and when the need arises setting up her laptop in hotels, living rooms and apartments in Wellington and most recently in Namibia, Africa. After starting a business doing illustration and pattern design with fellow Unitec graduate Christina Thiele, Xanthe spent 4 years working for the design company Seven (now Strategy Auckland). During her time at Seven Xanthe worked for clients such as Penguin Publishing, Webb's Auction House and the Yellow Pages where their project for Yellow Chocolate was awarded a Silver at the Best Design Awards in 2010. Xanthe has also participated in exhibitions over the years with a solo show of prints inspired by her collaboration with Stitch Ministry in 2008, Make Something 2010 and Art in the Dark 2011. Working as a freelancer since 2011 Xanthe has been able to indulge her love for fashion, the arts and illustrative typography and you can see samples of her work at www.ohmy.co.nz